Welcome to Kim White VO!

Thank you so much for stopping by my first blog.  What a fun journey this has been, thus far!  At the risk of sounding like an Academy Awards speech, I’d like to begin by honoring those who have so graciously contributed to this venture.

First… To my coach, Nancy Wolfson, of Braintracks Audio.  You have been such a navigator on this journey.   I can’t remember what I did before your coaching, encouragement, and friendship. You have taught me so much about myself this year. I’m not exaggerating when I say you are one of the most influential people in my life. From lightbulb moments during marathon lessons, to incredible demo direction/production, to starting me on a Pinkberry mochi addiction, you ARE the BEST.

Richard Horvitz, thank you for teaching me how to laugh…and laugh…and laugh…and laugh…

Jason Sikes at Village Green Studios.  Thank you for your AMAZING creative eye, and hard work to create my website.  My husband, Tim, wants you to know he empathizes with you… I’m just as particular buying a pair of shoes at Nordstrom.

Rick Santizo of Santisound.  YOU ROCK!  You are the demo MASTER.  Thank you for your hard work engineering my demo.

Anna VocinoSpanx Woman” .  You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for your words of wisdom and equipment suggestions!

Dan Lenard: of Dan’s Voice. Thanks for helping me set up my studio.   You created for me a home studio with a “big studio” sound quality.

Michelle Rajotte, every businessperson needs you in their corner.

Bob Souer and Scott Pollak: Thank you for your wisdom, support, and encouragement.

To The Bonnie Hunt Show: Thanks for the gift card you gave us audience members when I visited your show with my friend Sonja. I was able to replace the makeup I left on the plane on the way back from recording my demo in LA.

Finally, the greatest thanks goes to my accountant, husband, and father of our precious triplets. Tim, thank you for encouraging, cheering, and investing. Thank you for serving our country and our family. You are TRULY my HERO.

Thanks to the vo community for the welcome and support… looking forward to meeting you at the New York Voice Over Mixer in December!




7 Responses to Welcome to Kim White VO!

  1. Bob Souer says:


    Thank you for your kindness. Much success to you.

    Be well,

  2. kimwhitevoiceover says:

    Bob, you deserve nothing BUT kindness.


  3. Angie Dorman says:


    This is an amazing site – it’s great to see that you are back in the game! The media will be better off for it!



  4. Anna says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Love the demo, love the site, love the shout out.

    You are a DOLL and a GEM, and I’m so glad to have gotten to know you better, Sweets.


  5. kimwhitevoiceover says:

    Angie — You’re an absolute inspiration.

    Anna — Thanks for the kudos. You had me at “YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!”



  6. Really This is an amazing site.Much more success to you.

  7. Tim Bick says:

    Some fine names there, well chosen.

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